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Yachtzee - A classic game of dice!
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DEC 28 2004 - It's finally here! Naval Ship Warfare a great strategy game where you can play against another player or the computer. We've included many options to...
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SEP 06 2004 - Triple Yachtzee is finally here! We've listened to your emails and included AI! Now you no longer have to play solo! We've also included a name saving...
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AUG 29 2004 - We've had quite a few emails regarding when we will be writing a Triple Yachtzee and we are happy to say that it's almost here. We already started on ...
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JUN 28 2004 - The forums are officially released! We devoted much effort creating the forums to harmonize with the web site layout in hopes of creating a friendly ...
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FixAlarm is FREE! However, for us to continue development and research on the alarm issues we charge a fee for the Auto Run feature. If FixAlarm works for you and you don't want to have to manually run FixAlarm each time, then you can purchase the Auto Run feature. The Auto Run feature will run your preset settings each time your PPC is turn on. No more forgetting to run the fix and not having your alarms go off.

We had several emails asking us: What exactly does this program do? To better clarify, the Fix Alarm program was supposed to be a "fix all" solution that solved the numerous alarm issues that plague many PPCs. Unfortunately it was not 100% effective. It did work in many beta tests and in the cases where it has failed, we suspected other issues such as hardware failure, poorly written third party alarms, bugs in the internal alarms, etc. It does solve quite a few of the issues and some people can benefit from it. The issues it is trying to solve are the "missed alarms". It uses several simple and aggressive techniques. We may from time to time add extra level of fixes as we come across new solutions.

Level 1 - Fixes the DB_notify_events (as a few other out there do) This table is append to each time the PPC goes through soft reset. Eventually the table is so full that it causes alarms to miss. This is a known Microsoft bug.

Level 2 - Cleans the DB_notify_queue. The db will sometimes have repeated records and records that have expired.

Level 3 - Rebuilds several of the DB tables and as a result the appointments will be cleared and would have to be manually re-added.

*NOTE* Please make a backup before running this program.

*NOTE* Do NOT run off a storage card when using the Auto Run feature, otherwise FixAlarm will not load properly. If you done this, it easy to fix. Simply copy the FixAlarm.exe to your PPC and re-run and click save.

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Kryptonite - Encryption for your Pocket PC.
Yachtzee - A classic game of dice!

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Yachtzee Game Pack - Double your fun for less the cost!

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