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Yachtzee - A classic game of dice!
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Product Information

Triple Yachtzee

Now you can have three times the fun with Triple Yachtzee! It allows for even more scoring possibilities than ever before. Triple Yachtzee includes AI. That's right, you can play against the computer! You no longer have to play solo. You can play with the built in AI by simply tapping the AI box when you begin a new game. You can have up to 8 human players or computer players in each game. With Triple Yachtzee, there are 39 scoring rounds per player. It has the same categories as regular Yachtzee but there are three columns, which are valued at 1 times the score, 2 times the score, and 3 times the score. For example, if you roll 4 fives and choose to place it in the fives column, you would score 20 points in the first column, or 40 points in the second column, or 60 points in the third column. It's up to you, place the roll in whichever column you think will maximize your overall score. Triple Yachtzee offers much more extended play time than regular Yachtzee. Just like regular Yachtzee, this game is fun and addicting.

? Play with up to 8 players!
? AI - You can play against the computer!
? Undo - If you accidentally placed on the wrong score, you can undo!
? Score Board - You can see all the players' scores at once at anytime!
? Number of Turns - You can see the number of turns per game.
? Options - You can control animations, sounds, and hold style.
? Load/Save Names - You can save the most common players names for fast retrieval.
? High Scores - Up to 10 high scores are saved so you can compete with your best out of 10.
? Clear High Scores - You can clear the high scores at anytime to start over.

Triple Yachtzee was nominated BEST board game of 2005!

Retail Price:12.99 USD
Your Price:11.69 USD



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Yachtzee - A classic game of dice!

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